Pills in apothecary bottle

Repeat Prescriptions

Patients on long-term medication which has been approved by the GP for repeat prescriptions, can

 place orders in the following way:

  •  Online using EMIS Patient Access  -  if you have access to the internet this is the most convenient way to order   your   repeat   prescription.  It allows you to track and check the status of your request.  To register for this service   please telephone the Practice to arrange an online account.   If you are already registered please click the   following link to place your order                               

  • In person/post  -  tick the items required on the computerised repeat slip and forward it to the Practice.  If you don't have arepeat slip write a note with your name, address and date of birth along with the name of the drugs required. If attending in person please post your request in the external post box by the Practice front door, please only use this box during the hours of 8am-6pm.  If you wish your prescription to be posted back to you please enclose a stamped,self-addressed envelope.

  • At your local Pharmacy  -  request items as above and hand to your local Pharmacy.

It takes 48 hours for a prescription to be generated by the Practice.  We ask that you only order items you require to prevent overstocking and reduce medicine waste.


Please ensure you state which Pharmacy you wish your prescription to be sent to as no prescriptions can be collected at the Practice.  A further 24 hours should be allowed before collecting your prescription from the Pharmacy.   **PLEASE NOTE DURING THE CURRENT PERIOD OF COVID19 PHARMACIES ARE TAKING LONGER TO DISPENSE MEDICATION

Repeat Prescription requests will not be accepted over the telephone, this helps free up our lines for appointment requests.