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Checking Blood Pressure

District Nurses

The District Nursing Service:  -

  • works together with other agencies to help you remain in your own home 

  • provides ongoing nursing care to aid recovery or meet longer term health needs 

  • can provide continence assessments 

  • provides you with information and support to help you to maintain and improve your health 

  • provides wound care 

  • assists patients and family members to care for their relatives 

  • provides palliative and end of life care

The District Nurse will visit you at home if you require nursing care and you are housebound.  "Housebound" means that you are unable to leave your home or use any form of transport to get to the surgery treatment room or clinic.
Your District Nurse will work with you to identify what your health needs are and together we will agree a plan of care to meet those needs.

The District Nurses can be contacted on 01592-640450

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